Get ready for SAVE!

1MW – it’s time to get ready for SAVE!!!

SAVE is the national program we have install for the first half of 2o12 – a program to save money, energy and earth!

Our SAVE launch was held in Syd on december 14th, where 700 Sydney-siders showed up to give their support and pledged to SAVE in the new year.

Layne Beechley, Julie Goodwin, Abbie Winspear, Noni Hazlehurst, Helen Wei and Natalie Isaacs at the 1MW Summit to launch the SAVE national program for 2012

It was an amazing turn out…. and now we are going to be preparing the rest of the country for what is coming from 1MW.

Here is a snapshot of our SAVE program –

– Runs for 6 months – January to June 2012
– Includes 6 Elements, 1 element each month – DRIVE, FOOD, POWER, WEAR, SHOP & INVEST
– Driven by the 1 Million Women website, our Facebook & other social networks, and you our members


1. FOOD (February) – growing food, buying food, preparing and cooking food, and not wasting food.
$ – Save $500 or more each year & CO2 – Save up to 500kg of pollution each year

2. DRIVE (March) – when you drive, how you drive, what you drive, and if you drive at all.
$ – Save $250 or more each year & CO2 – Save up to 400kg of pollution each year

3. POWER (April) – what we turn on or off, what we turn up or down, and the appliances we choose.
$ – Save $150 or more each year & CO2 – Save up to 700kg of pollution each year

4. WEAR (May) – fashion and accessories, what we buy, care and cleaning, recycling and swapping.
$ – Save $100 or more each year & CO2 – Save up to 100kg of pollution each year

5. SHOP (June) – how we shop, where we shop, what we buy and what we don’t buy.
$ – Save $100 or more each year & CO2 – Save up to 100kg of pollution each year

6. INVEST (July) – using our savings to make ‘clean’ money and cut pollution into the future.
$ – Reinvest $1000 or more each year & CO2 – Lock in future pollution reduction in your life

Now… is the time to start using everything we already know and have learnt through our own actions, and from the campaign about living sustainably, making the right choices, choices that don’t cost the earth! Now is the time to put in into practice and achieve what the whole 1 Million Women campaign is about – long lasting behaviour change.

Let’s face it, we have one earth, and we have this oppurtunity, to SAVE!

If you are excited to get started – check out our SAVE Action plan

And please stay up to date with the BLOG – because this is going to be where a lot of action will be happening in 2012. Constant updates and info about SAVE…we will be also looking for guest bloggers, and we want the blog to become a hub for ideas and sharing of information through readers comments too!

Now we would like to end with a giant HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from 1MW! Looking forward to your support in the New Year.
1MW Team x

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