1 Million Women SAVE is currently in our DRIVE element, which is all about how to save money and help the environment by driving smarter, leaner, greener – and sometimes not driving at all!

With so many Australians on the road over the Easter break and school holidays, and fuel prices at some of the highest levels we’ve ever seen, there’s no better time to get engaged with DRIVE.

Our featured partner for DRIVE is Australia’s largest member-based motoring organisation, the NRMA, and Wendy Machin President of NRMA Motoring & Services has recorded a special set of video clips for 1 Million Women SAVE.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2010), Australia’s 22 million people have over 16 million motor vehicles, of which over three-quarters (that’s 12 million) are passenger vehicles.

That’s a lot of cars, a lot of driving, a lot of fuel, a lot of pollution and a lot of money. On a rough calculation, if every one of our 12 million or so cars was driven 1km less each day, then over a year we’d SAVE 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution and over half a billion litres of fuel!

So if you or others in your household drive, then HOW you drive can be as important as WHAT you drive.

Over the next month our 1MW challenge for drivers is:  Cut fuel use by about 15% and save about $250 a year and about 400kg of greenhouse gas pollution …

We’ll show you how with tips, activities, blogs and clips and more.

Our website is now overflowing with SAVE info. Check out the DRIVE tab on our NEW SAVE PAGE.

Check out the DRIVE tab at our NEW SAVE PAGE.

On the 1MW Facebook we’re talking about DRIVE solutions for saving fuel and alternatives to driving (Like us – if you haven’t already).

Read more on our 1MW Blog. Guest blogger NRMA President and 1MW Ambassador Wendy Machin shares loads of tips about how to drive to save money and pollution.

On the 1MW youtube channel, check out Wendy’s fabulous DRIVE clips showing us how to drive smarter, greener and leaner and less!

And one more thing, another GREAT source of  information about how to save for DRIVE is the 1 Million Women campaign partner, the NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage & their ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ program. Check it out.

LOVE to hear in the comments if you are going to take up the DRIVE challenge!

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