Chatswood High School target waste disposal – Enviro Inspiro story….

The following guest blog post is from Chatswood High School, runners-up in last year’s Enviro Inspiro competition…

Enviro Inspiro! is a student led environmental competition. Open to NSW public high school students the competition offers you a chance to win $3000 for school environmental projects.  To enter you need to create a 5 minute DVD showcasing your environmental project and explain how you’ve improved the environment in 750 words or less.  Entries close Friday 22 June 2012, so get your entry in now!

Here’s some inspiration for your environmental projects from Chatswood High School’s. Chatswood’s efforts to develop a new school waste and recycling system won second place in last year’s NSW Government Enviro Inspiro! competition. Chatswood is also a member of Sustainable Schools NSW where you can find lots of great resources to help protect your school’s environment.

In 2011, Chatswood High School ventured out of its comfort zone to enter Enviro Inspiro! for the first time, and we ended up winning 2nd place.

Our problem, obvious to the school, was that our recycling and waste bins were oddly ordered as if to encourage students to not dispose of their waste properly and to not recycle.  This problem had escalated and needed to be targeted.

In response, a small team of determined environmentalists and SRC representatives brainstormed solutions almost immediately, mostly due to the limited time that we had. With only 3 weeks to complete the whole process of preparation, promotion and implementation, it was a challenge.

From our preparation, we promoted an Enviro Inspiro! day, where we received donations, that went to the ‘bins’ fund.  But, more importantly, we raised awareness of the situation so that the students could be attentive, and cooperate with the next step of implementation.

With implementation, our plan is to take baby steps. First, we have implemented a recycling system indoors. Then we will be moving outside and to the bins of the playground. Finally, we will tackle a fully functioning school waste and recycling system. This will ensure the safety of our environment from unnecessary waste.

Winning 2nd place, thankfully, means that Chatswood High School can and will be able to fulfil the whole process financially, though it will take some time.

Being part of the Enviro Inspiro! team has helped us all develop strong skills in communication and relationships with students from a range of years. It has exposed us to leadership, determination, humility to serve others in the team and the strength of opinions. The new relationships formed, helped us to lift the burden off tired shoulders and to congregate as one environmental team.

Christie Yeap

Year 11

Chatswood High School

2nd Enviro Inspiro! 2011 Check out their video!

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