Natalie Isaacs, 1MW Founder – Less is more this Mothers Day…


Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much I am liking having less of some things – starting with less stuff, less waste and less stress.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s a great time to think about what makes me happier and connects me with my family more.

And that’s definitely not a whole pile of presents from this or that shop.

The main gift I’m getting for Mother’s Day is a brief trip away interstate with one of my daughters to attend my beautiful niece’s 21st birthday, a chance to be with extended family and to create new experiences together, the kind of experiences that anchor your life in a good way.


Nat with mother Pam


Nat with daughter Bronte

I wanted to share this growing conversation that I am having with myself, and with the core team at 1 Million Women, around the idea less is more.

I know we’re not the only ones who are feeling this. On my way home one day this week I was listening to Drive on ABC local radio and heard businesswoman Catherine Harris AO talking about how 2013 had shaped as a good year for her family’s business, Harris Farm Markets, which is somewhere I often shop for fresh food.
She suggested that people were opting to spend money on a great meal with their family rather than buying a new pair of shoes, for example, and the radio conversation she was part of quickly picked up this theme.

The idea was that people are investing in quality of life, because that has the best return on investment to put it in traditional economic terms.

My experience through 1 Million Women is that women intuitively get that less is more. That harmony in life doesn’t come from having more and more stuff, and that we can actually be more free in life by having less of the stuff that burdens us with expectation and stresses us out.


Natalie Isaacs and some of her family at Byron Bay Bluesfest.

It seems to me that this is true right up to big picture challenge of sustainability for people on our amazing planet. Human civilisation ultimately can’t work if more people keep wanting more stuff, because you can’t have infinite economic growth inside a finite ecology.

So when I say I am happier with less this Mother’s Day, it’s because I know I’m getting more freedom and richness in my life, and I know there’s something in it for Mother Earth too.

I hope you receive less this Mother’s Day, but get more, if you know what I mean.


2 responses to “Natalie Isaacs, 1MW Founder – Less is more this Mothers Day…

  1. Time with family is of the utmost importance, and I cherish it more than anything.

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