Liane Rossler – Woman of the moment

Our Woman of the moment this week is the wonderfully creative and talented Liane Rossler, currently working on various projects including Supercyclers and Happy Talk.


Liane Rossler – Photo by Adam Knott

1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Designer, artist, mother.

2. What are you doing at the present?

I work in creative industries on a variety of projects. I am curator of a project space at Carriageworks for 2013 called Here and Now. It’s a series of four different projects with limited edition and specially commissioned artist’s works. I also work as a creative and retail advisor with a number of companies, boards and individuals, and I am working on numerous design and art projects and public programs.

3. What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere. I am constantly inspired. Nature is a constant – there is so much beauty everywhere. I’m inspired by people doing good things and trying to make the world a better place.


Liane Rossler and 1 Million Women Founder Natalie Isaacs

 4. Is there an experience or time that has truly changed the way you live?

I remember around 2006 there was much in the news about the changing climate, and predictions they said were going to happen maybe 50 to 100 years in the future were happening before our eyes. It made me focus more on whatever I could do to bring awareness to the issues and make changes in my business and personal life. I then went on to do become a Climate Project messenger with Al Gore and ACF so I could take awareness out into the community. I specialised in giving talks to people in creative industries. I was lucky to meet some wonderful people through the Climate Project, including Natalie, the founder of 1 Million Women.

5. Do you have a message or a tip for the 1 Million Women community about how to live by the principle that ‘less equals more?

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I love to find beauty in unexpected ways and places. When shopping or making, I approach with the ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy – thinking about where something comes from and where it goes. Less equals more because there is less waste and more conscious approach to all the elements and ingredients involved.


Plastic Fantastic tableware designed by Liane Rossler and Sarah King.

A bit more: Liane Rossler is a central figure within Australia’s arts and design sector. A passionate spokesperson and ambassador for key issues relating to the creative industries and the environment, Liane is involved in numerous collaborations, exhibitions and projects including Supercyclers, a design project focused on clever and beautiful reuse of waste shown at the recent Milan Design Week, and Happy Talk, an initiative launched at Art & About in September 2011.
Liane is also well known as a co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, where she was a former designer and director for 25 years.She is a member of The City of Sydney Retail Advisory Board, an ambassador for 1 Million Women, an ambassador for The Garage Sale Trail, a member of The Voiceless Council, and mentor at the Centre for Sustainable Leadership.

Liane works on a variety of independent design, art, creative advisory & educational projects.

She has been involved with many arts associations, including the MCA, AGNSW, Gallery 4a, CoFA, Object, GASP! & AAA.

She was Creative Director for Art Month Sydney’s Art Adventure in 2011, and is the Artistic Director mentor for 2013.

Trained by Al Gore as a Climate Project Ambassador, Liane specializes in talks to the art, design & architecture community.

Liane was named a Creative Catalyst as part of Creative Sydney 2010.

  • Woman of the moment is a new section on the 1 Million Women Blog. We will be featuring ambassadors from our campaign with you, their stories, and why they inspire us.

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