Solar a permanent trend

As energy prices continue to skyrocket in Australia there are some great moves that households can make using solar products to help them reduce their energy consumption and to produce power to offset what is left over.

  • Did you know -The average Australian home has between 60-70 electrical appliances!

Imagine the difference if all of these could be powered by solar energy. Solar systems use light from the sun and convert it into electricity which goes through an inverter which makes it usable power in a home. What you don’t use yourself goes back into the power grid and depending on where you are in Australia you may be able receive credit, rebates or tariff benefits from your local state government and or energy provider – check this out in your state.


Another fact, around half the homes in Australia have electric hot water systems which usually account for around 25% of a home’s energy use. Depending where you are in Australia you can expect to save between 50% – 90% of that energy by switching to a solar water heater. It could mean reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2 – 3.6 tonnes every year. That’s the equivalent of taking a 4 cylinder car off the road.*

  • A national survey released by AMR Research shows that 87% of Australians want more action by all sectors, including government, to make Australia a top ten producer of renewable energy.

1 million Australian households are already using solar energy with many more pledging to make the switch.


Data showing mini boom in December of last year which showed a 25% increase in solar installations.

Kellie Caught, on Earth Hour’s website says…

“For every million households that switch to renewables that’s equivalent to taking 2.1 million cars off our roads or planting over 6 million trees.”

Other key findings of the AMR research found that the removal of upfront price barriers was particularly important for woman, increasing the percentage of female householders likely to install solar by 22%.

Implementing solar strategies has become a lot more accessible in the last few years with prices dropping dramatically. Australians have shown that they love renewable energy, and it continues to grow quickly as a clean energy source.

Interested in what else you can do to save power in your home? Check out our 1MW tips here.

Together we can make difference.

We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at

More solar ideas that we love:


Fab Lab Solar House, 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe, Madrid (Photo: Adrià Goula)


Project Solar House, by Mitch Cook. Architect — Independence, MO.


Day-For-Night Solar Dress, designed by Despina Papadopoulos at Studio 5050, is custom-tailored with 448 white circuit board tiles that ‘accommodate solar cells.

* Statistics on solar hot water systems from Solahart.

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