State of Nature

Yesterday the State of Nature report was released in the UK, sending a massive wake up call around the world.

It is the first time all the UK wildlife organisations have collectively compiled their findings to perform a health check on the wildlife of the UK and surrounding territories and the findings were very grim.

The study was conducted on 3,148 different species and explains that of this number 60% are in serious decline.

Science News Online expounds, “The worst affected species among all has been reported as beetles and wildlfowers. The researchers are of the view that there are many reasons for the loss of species but the major reasons include rising temperatures and habitat degradation.”

Sir David Attenborough, who wrote the forward to the report, had this to say: “This ground breaking report is a stark warning – but it is also a sign of hope. The report shows that our species are in trouble, with many declining at a worrying rate. However, we have in this country a network of passionate conservation groups supported by millions of people who love wildlife. The experts have come together to highlight the amazing nature we have around us and to ensure that it remains here for generations to come.”

As well as acting as an eye opener, the report has also identified areas of hope. It includes a comprehensive list of environmental efforts and success stories, reminding us that as a society we can work together to help rescue our endangered species and habitats.

Over at the 1 Million Women website, we offer tips to help make you an active participant in the fight against climate change.

Together we can make difference.

We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at

To take a look at the full report head on over to the State of Nature Website

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