Results from the Mother’s Day Survey

First of all, we want to send out a massive thanks a million to all of you who took part in our Mother’s Day survey! The winners were chosen at random and have already been notified by email.

The response was overwhelming, with almost 2000 participants sharing their insightful thoughts on why love is the ultimate gift.

Why is less consumption important?

Over-consumption and waste in our throwaway society are placing an intolerable strain on the planet’s natural resources and environment, with climate change a major symptom of the problem.

Wherever we can replace ‘stuff’ with ‘experiences’, and physical goods with ‘virtual’ ones, the more CO2 we’ll be saving.

You may remember Natalie’s Mother’s Day blog post, in which she explains:

“With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s a great time to think about what makes me happier and connects me with my family more. And that’s definitely not a whole pile of presents from this or that shop.”

“The idea was that people are investing in quality of life, because that has the best return on investment to put it in traditional economic terms.

My experience through 1 Million Women is that women intuitively get that less is more. That harmony in life doesn’t come from having more and more stuff, and that we can actually be more free in life by having less of the stuff that burdens us with expectation and stresses us out.”

The Mother’s Day survey asked the question, “Do you get stressed by modern-day consumerism and all of the ‘stuff’ we seem to accumulate in our daily lives?” to which 84% of you answered yes. 1MW

Question two asked, “Tell us in 50 words or less about a ‘gift of love’ – that you have given or received for Mother’s Day or another special day in the past, or are planning for this year – and that you think rises above commercialism and over-consumption? Perhaps it didn’t cost much, if any money? Maybe it didn’t leave any waste behind?

The responses from this section were absolutely inspiring – so we thought we would share some of the responses with you. Not only to give you ideas for future gifts of love but also because it is a reminder that it is moments, not things that we remember most.

“I gave my mother a gift of a book that I wrote of all the sayings and little stories she has told me over the years. When we get together she always remembers something her parents or siblings said and it was a way for both of us to always be able to remember her life.”

“I wanted a plant and my boys got me a mandarin tree. We can watch it grow and get something back from it for many years to come.”

“I recently had surgery for breast cancer, so my two children, their partners and two grandchildren bought mulch and did a birthday present makeover on my my sadly neglected garden. It brightens my spirits every time I look at it.”

“One of my favourite gifts was a special Mummy performance by my sons. They said they wanted to get me something special but had no money so they put together a play about our family. It was funny and thoughtful and still one of the most memorial gifts I have received.”

“12 kisses blown into a pretty box by my youngest granddaughter then tied with a bow never to be opened in case they blow away a reminder of my daughters love knowing what it would mean to me.”

“A complete stranger stopped me while my 2 y.o daughter was screaming and offered to help me with my groceries to the car on mothers day.”

Every little bit helps, together we can make difference.

We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at

One response to “Results from the Mother’s Day Survey

  1. I loved ALL the love things for Mothers Day especially the one the grandaughter gave with the
    box of kisses never to be opened in case they blow away….gorgeous.

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