Handy Hints : When Life gives you lemons….

Handy Hints by Holly Royce

Let me introduce you to your new best friend, lemon juice meet the 1 Million Women.

Lemon 1 million womenDid you know??

Up to 30% of food we buy is wasted, at an estimated national cost of $5 billion-plus a year according to the Canberra-based Australia Institute. Much of it goes out of date before it can be consumed, which means all of the CO2 pollution embedded in producing it has been in vain.

The energy, and therefore the carbon pollution embedded in making products, means that we save money and conserve resources whenever we reuse. Reuse is how earlier generations made the most of limited resources in less wealthy and consumer-convenient times.

By using Lemon juice for various household odds and ends, we can avoid harsh chemicals being put into the environment, save the C02 involved in the production and transport of pre-packaged materials and you can use the left over peels in your compost heap.

Lemon Juice in Beauty:

Give Your Hair a Beautiful Shine
Did you know that rinsing your hair with lemon juice will make it shiny? The acidic juice will take out the built-up residue from shampoo and hair care products. To give your hair a healthy shine, mix up a quarter cup of lemon juice in a cup of water.

1 million women lemon

Lemon Juice in cleaning:

Clean Up Household Grease Naturally
Mix up a hardy solution of lemon juice and water, and get ready for  your stove and counter tops to be shining like new. It’s amazing! Pour 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice into a spray bottle, then fill it up with water (and white vinegar if you want something EXTRA strong). Shake it a few times to mix the solution, then use it to remove stubborn grease and stains.

Disinfect Your Kitchen Cutting Board
Is your cutting board really clean? It will be if you spray it lightly with pure lemon juice, then rinse it well. Allow the cutting board to dry thoroughly before you put it away, the bacteria (as well as any odors) should now be gone.

Clean your Kettle.
Your kettle can get some pretty thick build up, and no one wants that as a side in their afternoon cuppa! To clean the residue out from the inside of your kettle simply cut up a few lemons and flick the kettle switch to boil. Leave them over night and put fresh water in the next morning. Voilà, clean kettle.

Reduce waste and make your food last longer:

Is your lettuce looking limp? Your guacamole looking brown? Don’t throw them away!
Soak the green stuff in a bowl of cold water and one lemon’s worth of juice. Leave it for an hour.
Crisis averted.

Sarah’s tip: Our office manager, Sarah, shares her top tip for always having lemon juice at the ready.
“Squeeze fresh lemon juice into ice cube trays to make sure it sticks around for longer.”
Sarah then stockpiles the cubes in a separate container in her freezer, making sure there is always plenty ready to go!

We would love you to share your favourite lemon related tips with us in the comments below!!

You know what they say… “when life gives you lemons”…

1 million women lemon 1

We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at www.1millionwomen.com.au

9 responses to “Handy Hints : When Life gives you lemons….

  1. I make a really good general purpose cleaner by packing lemon skins into a jar and pouring methylated spirits over them. Let it sit for a while and the lemon oils in the skin dissolve out. A dash of this added to cleaning vinegar in a spray bottle makes a great bath, stove, or surface cleaner, or added to a bucket of water for floor mopping. Smells lovely too. Pictures and details at http://witcheskitchen.com.au/the-last-of-the-lemon-glut/

  2. I freeze my lemons. Grate into water for a refreshing drink. Grate into cooking. There is always lemon available.

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  4. I blend lemons, raw honey and water to make my own lemonade cordial. It is wonderful and will last for a week in the fridge. Better than any bought flavourings and very refreshing!
    I also keep them in the freezer and only take them out when I need them. This seems to make them juicer. Don’t know why 🙂

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  7. I have just made two big jars of preserved lemons one to keep and one to give away. Lemon, salt, lemon juice. Delicious cut up into salads or risotto, with fish, yum.

  8. I juice my abundance of lemons and put it in a bag and freeze when ever I need lemons for salads / cooking I break a piece off and use it…

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