Nat’s roundup of the week

The one thing I have come to truly understand since starting 1MW is the power of individual action. As consumers we have incredible power to truly transform society through the choices we make and the way we live.“-Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women founder and CEO

A big hello to all our 1 Million Women readers,

What a week it’s been!

Fashion, shopping and avoiding unnecessary consumption is a huge part of the 1MW message and this week I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing eco-panel addressing the concept of sustainable fashion with style.

Nat 1 million women

The eco-panel for sustainable style: Angela D’Alton, Natalie Isaacs, Andrew Valder, Rachel Botsman and Liane Rossler.

I loved getting all of your fashion sustainability tips on Facebook this week! These ones really got the conversation flowing:

1. To extend the life of your underwear wash your knickers in an underwear bag

2. When I go out with friends, we get ready together and each of us brings a few dresses/outfits to share. Going out in a new dress feels great whether you own it or not

3. To make my wardrobe more exciting, I rotate the clothes in and out of storage regularly so I can get excited about them again

4. I’m big on getting shoes repaired regularly at the boot maker

5. I revamp clothes by changing hem length

6. I’ve worked on developing my own style and buying accordingly, rather than trying to keep up with the seasonal turnover in trends. This is particularly liberating!

7. Two words – Colourful wraps

8. Now when I buy something new, something has to be removed from my collection and donated to charity or passed on to friends and family

9. I go shopping in my own wardrobe and I’m always amazed at what I find

10. Buy classic styles that don’t date

Nat 1 million women

Another great pic of our lovely Nat and the eco-panel

My personal favourite was point number six!

I think one of the most liberating ways to be sustainable with style is to find your own style. One that outlasts trends. My mother was the most stylish person I knew when I was growing up in the 60’s. Her big beehive hairdo, her colourful joyous clothes and her incredible style that was all hers. Her clothes never went out of date, and even today she still has her fabulous style.

Most importantly, above all else, the best thing we can do to be sustainable is to simply buy less.
Last year in Australia we bought more than a billion fashion items. The world is already full and we can’t just keep consuming at the rate we currently do. It’s simply not sustainable.

Preparing  my speech got me thinking a lot about my own journey with fashion. Before I started 1MW and understood that my actions have an impact on the planet – I would buy clothes on impulse and then not like what I bought. I would buy cheap, buying specials just because they were on special. I would always buy new.  If my shoes broke or the heel fell off, I would just head out and buy another pair of shoes. Now, I get a real sense of empowerment when I shop. I know that the choices I make and what I spend my money on will make a difference.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the changes that have been occurring on the blog this week, including our new daily features section. You can click here and here to see our two most popular posts for the week.

Keep your eyes open for all of our World Environment Day (June 5th) celebration posts!

We would love you to comment below and tell us about changes you’ve made this week , what you’ve enjoyed and what you’re looking forward to!

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