Introducing the first 1MW cultural exchange

Some of you might know me, others may not. I’m Bronte (1MW Founder Nat’s daughter), and I’ve been working with 1 Million Women since the very beginning.



I have seen 1MW grow into a powerful movement of woman leading sustainable lives and taking action on climate change. I myself have grown a lot too with the campaign over the last 4 years, which is why I’m excited to announce some BIG news that will see my journey with 1MW continue…here it is……I, Bronte Hogarth, am moving to Brazil.

Woah let’s backtrack just a minute. I need to fill you in on the story of how this big life decision came about.



I’m in love.

There we go, that’s the story, short and simple. Much to my mother’s dismay, it happens to be with someone who lives on the other side of the world.

However, in life I believe we are all presented with chances and opportunities, and for me, this is one I need to take. Our time here is too short to have regrets. So I am packing a bag, leaving most of my things here in Australia, and heading over to start a new adventure.

Oh, and did I mention…you will be coming too!


It’s time 1 Million Women went global anyway! So the plan is to bring the 1 Million Women message to Brazil. Think of it as a 1MW cultural exchange. I have big goals for this expedition too! I want to meet the president of Brazil – Dilma Rousseff (she’s Brazil’s first female president) and I want to make her part of 1 Million Women.

This is my goal. I have already started learning Portuguese (te amo – means I love you….see I’m getting good already).

Now I probably wont be saying ‘te amo’ to the President of Brazil, but don’t worry, by the time I meet her I will be speaking fluent Portuguese.


Just making some plans!


We talked about this project at the 1MW headquarters, and we knew it could turn into something BIG.


Dilma Rousseff – President of Brazil

1MW in Brazil is going to be EXCITING, and above all it’s going to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to act on climate change through the way that we live, and to be honourable ancestors for the generations after us.

It’s a journey I hope you will all follow along with.

This will be 1 Million Women’s first cultural exchange. Watch this space, and hopefully we are going to add a president to the wonderful pool of  women in our 1 Million Women community.

Tchau (Goodbye in Portuguese) for now!

Bronte xx


We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at

5 responses to “Introducing the first 1MW cultural exchange

  1. Oh Bronte, now I have wiped my tears away I can tell you how proud I am of my first grandchild., this piece you have written is from your beautiful heart and will resonate to all who read it.. President Dilma will be smitten with your enthusiasm and your amazing personality and with your help she will become the face of 1MW in Brazil. Travel well my darling girl..and know that LOVE is all around you. Nannyxxx


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  3. Awesome Bronte, firstly, congratulations on being in love, it’s a blissful world, secondly, 1MW in Brazil is great, spread the word to women worldwide.

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  5. Hi, Bronte!
    Such good news: the 1 million women movement, being in love ♥, spreading the 1MW in Brazil, learning Portuguese… Wow!
    I wish you all the best in your future projects.
    Um abraço,

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