Green graffiti – Living & breathing art

Art and Culture Mondays by Bronte Hogarth

I would like to welcome you to the world of green graffiti!

Imagine graffiti that is created from moss or grass, which doesn’t cause any harm or destruction to the environment but rather forms mini-ecosystems actually giving something back to the planet.

Graffiti and street art have evolved into an important part of contemporary art these days, being snapped up by collectors and galleries all around the world. Green graffiti is an unusual aspect of this genre but makes for some pretty interesting natural art.

Anna Garforth is an environmental artist who works a lot with moss and grass to capture the aesthetics of nature to transform the world around us.

It’s amazing how quickly the wild reclaims its space and carries on growing even after it has been destroyed. However much concrete is laid, mini ecosystems inhabit the gaps and push through undeterred, Anna Garforth


A series by Garforth is about how nature reclaims its space.

w_grow_3-1 w_grow_2-1w_grow_4

The Big Bang

The Big Bang is assembled from hundreds of moss tufts and the installation depicts Mother Earth as a seed shattering explosion. The work was included in a show which celebrated International Womens Day showcasing a range of female artists working in creative industries.


Spore Borne

Spore Borne was Garforth’s first experiment in moss writing. She is quoting from a poem written by Elenor Stevens. By attaching the moss to the wall using completely biodegradable ingredients the hope is it will colonise and grow.

*All images © Anna Garforth

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