Keeping energy costs down this winter: easy DIY draught-proofing

You may remember from our 5 ways to stay warmer this winter post, that draught-proofing can make a huge difference in keeping your home warm without using electricity/heater – however there is only so far a ‘door snake’ will take you. There are many other cracks and gaps that often get missed because they are just too awkward to fill.

Thankfully Lish from GIY has come up with a very easy DIY solution for those small and awkward gaps.

She explains, “expanding foam is the answer. It comes in an aerosol can and sprays on through a nozzle-tube expanding to fill the gap. It cures to a hard foam which can then be cut back, sanded and painted to look real nice.”

You could also look into spray on pulped cardboard.

Check out the video below for an easy instructional step by step.

For more information on draught-proofing, check out the GIY blog.

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One response to “Keeping energy costs down this winter: easy DIY draught-proofing

  1. Acetone is a nasty chemical to use; and then throwing it in the bin, for disposal in landfill, is hardly green thinking. When solving one environmental problem ie getting rid of drafts in order to reduce energy waste, creating a new environmental problem ie toxic waste, is not a wholistic approach.

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