3 must watch documentaries

Art and Culture Mondays by Bronte Hogarth

Today the medium of film is ingrained in many aspects of society and culture. It certainly plays an important role as a medium at the intersection between people and the environment.

For example documentary films, which have a presupposed element of truth, and present stories or information in an easy to digest way, with supporting evidence, interviews, facts, stats and most importantly imagery!!

Here are 3 must watch documentaries with an environmental focus –
Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.50.31 AM
  • Gasland – Documents the sever health and environmental consequences of gas drilling.
  • Wasteland – Which shines a light on waste, poverty and the environment in Brazil (reflective of our waste problem around the world.
  • Bag It – A film about the journey of the single use plastic bag; from its convenience for everyday things to how it affects our waterways, environment, the ocean and our bodies.

Documentaries aim to teach and/or instruct through a creative filmic structure, and help inspire or motivate people to take action on issues in their everyday lives.

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2 responses to “3 must watch documentaries

  1. I wanted to view the three documentaries however could not do so. what am I doing wrong.

  2. Hello Pam, We have just updated the post so you can click on the title and it will take you to the movie trailer. To see one of the films in full you will have to head to the website and buy them 🙂

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