Climate Change Impacting Wine Production


People often forget the connection the product they consume has with the environment that created it.

Dangerous climate change affects everything within our environment and in our daily lives, a lot more than many people realise.

You might need to sit down before I tell you this next part… because this also includes the production of wine.

Yes wine, as in “It’s just win with an e” and “I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food“.

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Recent studies predict wine production will fall by two thirds in the world’s premier wine regions because of climate change, by 2050.

The UK Guardian explains,

“The study forecasts sharp declines in wine production from Bordeaux and Rhone regions in France, Tuscany in Italy and Napa Valley in California and Chile by 2050, as a warming climate makes it harder to grow grapes in traditional wine country.”

“The future was also bleak for wine growing areas of Australia, with a 74% drop in production by 2050.”

This morning ABC News stated that scientists at the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries are helping growers plan for the future. Dr Mark Downey explained :

“The biggest benefit for somebody growing grape vines is to know now what the likely impact of climate change in 30 years will be,” he said.

“So they can say, ‘OK in 30 years I won’t be able to grow grapes here, then I will need to find something else to do”.

It’s not to say that wine production will stop completely, as many areas that were previously unable to support grape vines can now do so – such as the hills in central China and areas of Northern Europe.

Though CSIRO climate scientist Leanne Webb says we will be able to “taste the difference.”

Facts like this are the perfect reminder to what an important part the environment plays in life as we know it. It’s time to act and help fight dangerous climate change, to support ourselves, the environment and our future generations.

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  1. I’m writing blog posts for 1MW about the Climate Champion women – but here’s a Climate Champion gent doing his bit for wine!! From trialling new grapes from hotter climates ( to changing varieties to deal with the warmer nights ( Yay!


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