The Next Frontier?

As we head into our second week of Plastic Free July, we thought it was time to share some more tips to make plastic free living easier.

Firstly head over to the and join the challenge if you haven’t already. Then, to get your motivation Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.42.15 AMkicked started, check out their hall of shame… there are some shockers!

It’s important to remember on our journeys this month that every little bit counts, even cutting back by 50% on what you would normally use will make a huge difference.

Here are our thoughts on the first week’s journey – we would love you to share your own journey in the comments below! We need to inspire and motivate each other.

Holly: I’ve completely stopped buying any beverages in plastic bottles. It was a huge step but it also made me realise how much plastic I was going through in a week. I have also stopped using plastic drinking straws, and now get all my groceries delivered in bulk to my door – completely plastic bag free. It’s not easy but the pay off is beyond worth it!

Tara: I have also found this week to be very hard. It really makes you conscious of everything you purchase and gets you thinking of alternatives. I carry a calico tote bag with me everywhere now, just in case.

Nat– I’ve been avoiding prepackaged food, which is extremely challenging but of course also extremely rewarding.

Sarah– I have started bringing my own lunch from home in reusable containers in a bid to reduce plastic packaging. It’s an easy step to incorporate into my lifestyle as a busy mum.

Felicity: I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve made the decision to eat at Café’s instead of purchasing fast food and takeaways to reduce my plastic consumption.

Here are some extra plastic free living tips we have picked up along the way- don’t forget to share your own below!

  • Buy cereal from the bulk bins at health food stores and bring your own reusable container to put it in.
  • Pack your own utensils and avoid plastic throwaways.
  • Reuse glass jars to store food. Wash out the old and fill up with the new.
  • Line your rubbish bin with newspaper instead of plastic.
  • Say no to freebies. Every time you take a free plastic toy with your meal, a free pen, or a free travel-size shampoo bottle, it’s one more piece of plastic floating around in the world.
    Decrease demand for items like these with a “No Thanks!”

We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at

4 responses to “The Next Frontier?

  1. I am doing all I can to be plastic free but why target me? why not target the manufacturers. Soft drinks used to come in glass recyclable bottles. There was more cardboard and paper packaging a very small amount of plastic packaging. Arent the manufactures more to blame than the consumer and shouldn’t they be made to clean up their products.

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