Flash back – Sydney Ice bear

Do you remember in 2011 when the Ice Bear came to Australia?

1 Million Women was a big part of this project which brought famous animal sculptor Mark Coreth to Australia, adding Sydney to the list of destinations his famous Ice Bear has traveled to.


Mark Coreth and the Sydney Ice Bear

Ice Bear was an incredibly heart wrenching 4 day exhibit.

A polar bear was carved by Mark out of a 4 tonne block of ice on the first day the exhibition opened. By the fourth day it had melted away only to leave a bronze skeleton behind, signifying the damaging effects of climate change, and the effect it will have on certain species.

The crowd goers were asked not just to look upon the melting Ice Bear, but to reach out and touch it, feel it, and by committing this action, symbolically they were touching the arctic too – connecting with the issue in a tactile and emotional way.

This is another instance of science and art collaborating to bring forward from ones heart and emotional response to issues such as climate change.




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