Curating plastic to form beautiful works of art – One Beach Plastic

Art and Culture by Bronte Hogarth

One Beach Plastic are Californian couple Richard Lang and Judith Selby who since 1999 have been visiting Kehoe Beach in the Point Reyes National Sea Shore and carefully collecting bits of plastic from the beach, curating them to fashion beautiful works of art.

They don’t try to disguise, change or paint the plastic. They present the so called ‘junk’ or debris exactly as they are.

“The viewer is often surprised that this colorful stuff is the thermoplastic junk of our throwaway culture. As we have deepened our practice we’ve found, like archeologists, that each bit of what we find opens into a pinpoint look at the whole of human culture. Each bit has a story to tell”.

It would be interesting to know exactly how much plastic they had cleaned from the beach in their plastic fantastic artworks.

Chroma_Purple_905 Chroma_Red_905 Chroma_Pink_905 Bosky Dell_300_905 beach-plastic-richard-judy-lang-2-537x436 plastic-3

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.17.33 PM

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2 responses to “Curating plastic to form beautiful works of art – One Beach Plastic

  1. There was an Australian artist doing very similar work this. I saw an exhibition of his work at the Byron Bay light house about 10 years ago. Brilliant..

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