1 Million Women chat with the Good Chef, Janella Purcell

How, where and when you buy your food are all important factors in fighting dangerous climate change through the way that we live. 1 Million Women recently had the chance to ask Janella Purcell of Good Chef Bad Chef  about her thoughts on the journey of sustainable food.

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1.What are your thoughts and feelings on the changes of how and where people are buying their food?

A. It looks as though more of us are reading labels, and not just the ingredients. We’re looking to see country of origin, which is wonderful. Manufacturers are being forced to become more transparent these days, with so may of us using apps like ‘Shop Ethical’ and others, they have nowhere to run. Gone are the days when us consumers were clueless consumers. Now we are making choices with our wallet and information is just a google or tap away. I like it. I like that food manufacturers need finally be accountable for their part in food shortage, the obesity epidmeic, famine, waste, disease and the sustainability of our shared planet. As to where we are shopping – look how busy Famers Markets are nowadays, and how many more are appearing. The sooner most of us refuse to shop at the main 2 supermarkets we have in Australia, the better.

2.What is your vision for the future of food purchasing?

A. My ideal vision would be that the bulk of the food we buy is grown or made in Australia with bits and pieces from overseas. Not the other way around. I’d love to see us using everything we buy, so probably buy less, use it all wasting nothing, and buy in bulk to reduce landfill, especially plastic. I’d like to see more of us growing some of our own herbs and veggies. You don’t need much space. It’s amazing what you can produce on a verandah in a small city apartment.

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3. Are we headed for a more sustainable / community driven attitude to food purchasing or is this just for select part community?

A. We are already more conscious of sustainably than we were a few years ago. Even the word itself is more frequently used. But like anything it starts small and then it grows. It was not that long ago me, and people like me were considered ‘hippies’ because I shopped at farmers market, recycled, grew my own food, and made my own stock out of veggie scraps. Now it’s almost common- place and our appetite for information is insatiable.

4. Any tips you have for the 1 Million Women for acquiring produce more sustainably?

A. Eating seasonally is a good start. Shopping locally and at Farmers Markets is a wonderful way to shop, and support your local farmers. (They need it.) Get an app’ to help you choose sustainable seafood and only buy organic animal produce.

Support your local farmers (the need it)

Support your local farmers (the need it)

You can find out more about Janella at her website – www.janellapurcell.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Keep your eye out for her next book –  Wholefoods for the Whole World on shelves next year.

Don’t forget to head over to the 1MW website for information on taking action against dangerous climate change through the way that we live! We are daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers getting on with practical climate action to live better for us and the planet. Join the movement at www.1millionwomen.com.au

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