Alexx Stuart – Our 1MW Woman of the Moment

Our Woman of The Moment is the inspiring Alexx Stuart, read on to find out more!

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1. Describe yourself in 4 words?

   Passionate. Generous. Determined. Daggy.

2. What are you doing at the present?

I’m in the midst of narrowing my focus. Selling my events business so that I can concentrate on my writing, speaking and educating on all things real food, low tox living through as well as consult to a few select clients on comms and customer experience.

3. What inspires you?

The crazy ways of the world inspire me. The epidemic degenerative disease inspires me. The people who call real foodists or eco concerned people party poopers. They all inspire me to work twice as hard, think of an argument twice as convincing and create exciting ways to shape lives for the better.

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4. Is there an experience or time in your life that has truly changed the way you live? (i.e. – more conscious about living sustainably)

I remember walking down a super market aisle and thinking: Oh man, what is in all this stuff??? It was literally an overnight wake up call. On the sustainability front it was listening to an amazing Al Gore talk and thinking ‘this is great, but the average person isn’t going to connect with all this ‘out there’ talk.’ I knew I connected well with people and could chunk stuff down to everyday life and baby steps changes, so I’ve focused on that every since that realization.

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5. Do you have a message or a tip for the 1 Million Women community about how to live by the principle that ‘less equals more?

I’ve got 3

Tip 1 – Make a shame list for your fridge. Every week. Hold a family competition. You must write everything down that you waste from things going off in the fridge and throwing them out. Read more about that here. The change is remarkable.

 Tip 2 – Don’t be afraid to buy something expensive and great quality if it means you can buy less ‘stuff’ and it will last. Get things you’ll be proud of and get less. Eat better quality, more nutrient rich foods, and eat less in volume. It’s about raising our consciousness across everything and tackling a little aspect at a time, so that the changes we put into effect, are sustainable themselves.  

 Tip 3 – Do NOT be down on yourself for how you’ve done stuff yesterday, once you learn a better way. Be excited about the changes you are going to make today. Guilt is not going to get us far in turning our world around. We need all the positive energy we can muster

You can follow Alexx on her Twitter, her Facebook, or check out her website

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