A new way of looking at climate change – 10 beautiful images of Icebergs

Art and Culture by Bronte Hogarth

Camille Seaman captures the individual personalities of icebergs in her photography series – The Last Iceberg. These powerful images are from the polar regions of the world which are slowly disappearing. Each iceberg is different in it’s own way, portraying a different personality and connection to their environment.


“They are like humans…I’ve come across icebergs that were very stalwart and just refused to dissolve or break up. And there were others — massive, massive icebergs — that were like ‘I can’t take it anymore’ and in front of my eyes would just dissolve into the sea. There’s so many unique personalities. There’s a sadness to them.” Camille Seaman via New York Times.

Seaman saw her first iceberg in the Weddell Sea off the Antarctic Coast, which ignited in her a passion for these serene monoliths and lead to eight years of photographic encounters. She has been able to get to know the icebergs, seeing firsthand the effects of global warming on the Earth’s colder regions. In 2005, she saw an iceberg that was over 1,100 square miles. Years later and 7,000 miles away, she came across it again; at this point, it was roughly 250 square miles. It’s a project of passion with a melancholy streak and a strong environmental connection.










All Images copyright Camille Seaman Photography

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