Photography that Keeps Australia Beautiful

Art and Culture – by Bronte Hogarth

Keep Australia Beautiful Week edition

Andreas Smetana is one of the most prestigious, creative and passionate photographers living Australia. Born in Austria he lived in Innsbruck where he formed his own studio at just 23 years old and worked as a photographer there until the age of 26. He then packed his bags, and decided to move abroad to Sydney, Australia.

Armed with his experience as a successful young advertising photographer, Andreas moved quickly becoming one of Australia’s most popular emerging talents, and today is one of the most highly sought after advertising photographers in Australia, and working all throughout the world.

Last year, Andreas photographed the campaign for Keep Australia Beautiful, and as it’s Keep Australia Beautiful Week, it’s a great time to share him with you!

It is Andrea’s versatility and capturing persona that draws people in, his ability to capture the subtleties of human expression, the interesting and the weird, or the obvious in-your-face style images. This is why he works across such a variety of genres in advertising, and on his own personal projects too.

Andreas is lucky enough to live with his wife and 2 children on Sydney’s North-Coast on the beautiful Scotland Island, completely surrounded by water. He loves to sail, and has a dream that one day he will become a full-time ‘Sailboat Captain’, but for now his focus is still on photography.

A Husband, Father, Photographer and Sailboat Captain! Andreas Smetana is an energetic photography force as his images display. His passion and energy is inspirational, making him a fun and unexpected person to work with (I know as I have worked with him before). Here are his campaign images from last year for Keep Australia Beautiful, along with some other great environmental campaigns he has shot in the past and won awards for.

40212_KAB Ripples Cup

Andreas Smetana
KAB – Where does your rubbish go?


Andreas Smetana
KAB – Where does your rubbish go?


Andreas Smetana
KAB – Where does your rubbish go?


Andreas Smetana
Earth Hour – Don’t be the only light left on
Award: Cannes Lions – Bronze 2012


Andreas Smetana
WWF – The future is man made
Award: International photography awards – 1st place advertising pro

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