Make your vote count!

By Holly Royce

ABC news reported that figures from its Vote Compass – which nearly a million people have used – reveal the public wants something done about climate change. Many people, however, do not like the solution the current Australian Government came up with.

“While the environment has not featured much in the election campaign so far, 61 per cent of Australians believe the Government should do more to tackle global warming.”

Women and younger voters feel most strongly about taking action on climate change while less than one-fifth of respondents believe the Government should do less.”
Climate change has become the missing policy in this election. In her recent post, Natalie Issacss explains:

“For those of us who are committed to action on climate change in our own lives, and expect it from our leaders to, this election is very scary. Yet the airtime the climate issue is receiving reflects the attitudes of many voters, who have been ranking climate change action 5th in policies that will affect their vote.”

You can read more from her post here.

It’s important to remember that your vote is powerful – but with all the spin and confusion that often surrounds elections it can get confusing to see which party most fits your values and there are some very big differences in terms of what each party considers to be “appropriate action” on environmental issues.

That’s where Vote Compass comes in.

Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by a non-profit group of political scientists and hosted by the ABC. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Australian political landscape. As of today’s date, over 931,000 people had used Vote Compass. Click here to get started.

Another useful tool is the Envirotracker. This is a running snapshot of where the major parties stand on climate and renewable energy, public transport, biodiversity, forests and marine protection, and national environment laws, and for those who want deeper analysis that is available too.

Head over to the Climate Institute and see their 2013 Pollute-o-Meter. The Pollute-o-Meter rates each party on whether their policies will cut carbon emissions, accelerate low-carbon investments and help prepare us for inevitable climate impacts.

This federal election we need to remember how important climate action is to the future of our nation.

Do the 1MW election survey.


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