Upcycling Garbage Into Musical Instruments

A majority of families that live in this town make a living by recycling/upcycling garbage from the local dump. Now they are using this same garbage to make beautiful musical instruments for the local children.

One young cellist explains of his instrument, “The pegs are made out of an old tool used to tenderize meat and this part was used to make gnocchi.”

You will not believe the beautiful music these recycled/up cycled instruments make!

Just another amazing reminder that nothing that can be recycled should be going into landfill. Save your money and the environment by recycling and upcycling whenever possible.

Why is it important?

The recycling industry is estimated to generate about $10 billion a year in economic activity in Australia, including supporting thousands of direct and indirect jobs. The more you recycle the more carbon and other pollution you’ll be reducing – and the national economy will benefit as well.

Nothing that can be recycled should be going into landfill.

Best of all, everyone can help to save energy and resources and to cut pollution in simple ways. Here’s an easy-to-do tip published by the Australian Government: When out walking, collect discarded containers (for example, bottles and aluminium cans). Recycling a shopping bag full of containers saves at least five kilograms of greenhouse gas and reduces litter.

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