The 1MW Women Power Project

By Annika Stott – Women Power Project Co-ordinator.

1 Million Women has recently launched a new and exciting project, the Women Power Project.

This practical project questions and challenges the way our households consume energy.  We have 10 amazing women participating and each has has had their homes fitted with smart energy management devices. This means their electricity usage can be displayed in real-time on computers and mobile devices. These figures and devices provide us with a tool-kit to empower women to understand what really happens when the lights go on! Their stories, experiences and challenges on their energy saving journeys  will be shared with the community at the Women Power Summit, on the 30th of October at the Lower Sydney Town Hall.

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My name is Annika and I am the Project Co-ordinator of Women Power. I am so excited about this project which is encouraging women everywhere to take control of their energy consumption.

Though our Women Power project will manifest through our journey with our 10 Sydney volunteers, we encourage everyone get involved by examining how much energy they are using. Consider for example, what appliances require the most electricity and how often do you really need to be using them? We need to be sharing our energy saving tips and supporting each other with an aim to reduce our energy consumption by 20%. We want women to feel they understand the way their house uses energy.

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We all use electricity. Often we do not think much about where it came from, its effect on the environment and what we can do to use less. Many of us just pay the quarterly bill and think ‘I wish I understood that better’. The Women Power project will do just that. We will look at the real price of leaving the heater on with no one home, or using the clothes dryer on a sunny day.

I believe the main issue is that as non-industry people, we do not really understand what our power bills mean, or what we can do to save energy. This project truly excites me because for the first time, we are discussing what energy efficiency means for real people. We are going to make energy a talking point and empower women all around Australia to know what they can do to save the environment through energy efficiency and in turn save money!

This project goes to the heart and soul of what is important to 1 Million Women. We will share stories, discoveries, challenges and tips, to empower and inspire each other to look at electricity in a new light.

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