Great Barrier Reef then National Food Plan top our election survey

In our pre-Election Day 2013 survey, 1 Million Women proposed 7 policies we would like all politicians and parties to support, and invited women to tell us which if any of these policies they agreed with. We also asked them to suggest their own policies or policy areas that they believed should be addressed.

In total we received 1677 responses to the survey, with the vast majority agreeing that they supported all 7 of our policy proposals. In order the most supported 1 Million Women policies were:

1. GREAT BARRIER REEF – Protect the Great Barrier Reef from increased harmful human impacts e.g. from unsafe industrial, mining and agricultural development (we’re talking about one of the 7 natural wonders of the world) – supported by 1655 out of 1677 = 98.69%

2. FOOD PLAN – Create a new National Food Plan to cut food waste by half and boost support for local farmers markets and home & community garden food production – supported by1620 out of 1677 96.6%

3. CLIMATE ACTION – Make decisive action to stop dangerous climate change a national economic priority just like keeping inflation and unemployment low – supported by 1618 out of 1677 = 96.48%

4. ENERGY SAVING – Set up a National Energy Reduction Target of 20% by 2020 (this would remove the need for several big coal-fired power stations) – supported by 1601 out of 1677 = 95.47%

5. CONTAINER DEPOSITS – Establish a 10-cent per bottle/can National Container Deposit Scheme (South Australia and the NT have it, so why not everywhere) – supported by 1584 out of 1677 = 94.54%

6. SOLAR ROOFTOPS – Treble rooftop solar in Australia to 3 million homes by 2020 (we reached 1 million in 2013 and with 3 million homes we take a major step towards a 100% renewable future) – supported by 1578 out of 1677 = 94.11%

7. WOMEN’S EQUALITY – Equal representation for women on all key business and government boards by 2020 (it’s time) – supported by 1454 out of 1677 = 86.70%

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Some of the comments about our survey included:

  • “I think 1 million women should create a political party. “
  • I think those are great for starters!! Keep up the good work, and we’ll keep up the good work out here. Helen
  • “Fantastic! I would love to live in a society that valued all these things. All of them are achievable, and best of all none involve comprimise or tradeoffs with other key aspects of the Australian ecomony. These policies can be implemented while still growing our economy – and in fact these policies will contribute strongly to jobs growth. Hear hear!”
  • “I am astounded that I agreed with everything you had stated. Thank you. Especially the point about Nat Food Plan. ONE MORE POINT : We need clear labelling when the main ingredients are grown in Australia”
  • I wholeheartedly identify with every one of these 7 policy commitments. I would only vote for a party supported these critical issues
  • I feel the energy Reduction Target of 20% is far too low and we should be aiming for a minimum of 50%. I also believe we should be supporting marriage equality.
  • “100% behind the first 6 policies, not so sure about #7 (equal representation). That’s a complex issue for me and I’d prefer representation based on skills. But I’d like to be counted in for the survey.”

Other themes that respondents highlighted included:
Ban live beast export trade
Stop coal seam gas/fracking
Limit foreign investment/land selloffs
Protect wilderness and forests
Asylum seekers (concern for them)
Keep a price on carbon
Support NBN fibre to the home
Affordable housing
Reduce ageism
Increase funding for education, health, childcare, breast cancer treatment, public transport, single parents
Allow gay marriage
Protect fisheries and marine areas
Pursue population stability

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We also had some very thought-provoking policy suggestion and quotes from respondents, which included:

“I think overcoming our society’s addiction to electrical appliances that ‘solve’ manufactured ‘needs’ is a pressing issue, as is the generally accepted need for continuous ‘growth’ in a finite system.”

“Food security policy to guarantee Australian produced food for the future including safeguarding food bowls close to cities. Improved food labeling policy so that we can identify clearing country of origin of food products.”

“Improve food labeling laws so that consumers can see what proportion of the product is grown/manufactured in Australia, whether it contains GM material, how ethically it was produced, and an accurate description of ingredients (eg not calling ‘palm oil’ ‘vegetable oil’).”

“Stabilise Australia’s population at 23 million, or lower, whichever is consistent with the environment’s carrying capacity. Sandra Kanck.”

“Allow equal weight for community consultation on coal mines, sale gas and other activites as weight given to other interests reverse the recent action to reduce consultation to 2 weeks and comitment to action to zero.”

“Serious commitment to getting cars off the road ie increase public transport, invest in cycling, invest in rail for transport of goods, stop funding roads to nowhere!”

“Rather than reduce so-called ‘Green Tape’ as is happening, more should be done to protect our fragile environment. Murray-Darling, Wild Rivers, The Tarkine. etc. It is concerning that with the State Governments at present, so much that has been achieved, is now being unravelled. All in the name of ‘the economy and jobs’. An unhealthy environment ensures we have an unhealthy economy. Rhona”

“Commence implementation of a plan to shift from a fossil-fuel based economy including support of emerging renewable industries; Move forward on plan for 100% renewable energy in Australia; Continue and increase the investments from the Clean Energy Fund Brynnie Goodwill”

“Country of Origin on all food sold in Australia, put an Aussie flag in the deli and meat sections and on all fruit & veg grown in Australia, those that want to buy foreign food can, but it should be clearly labelled. More help for the elderly with free solar panels on their roofs and no impact on their pensions because of it. The older woman of Australia were doing all this way before us younger ones came on the planet.”

“Support our farmers, growing food locally is not enough to feed a nation. Insist on a 60 -70% Australian content in all produce. Invest in our researchers to keep the flow on effect here to benefit us. R Wallace
Recognition and treatment for Lyme and tick-borne sufferers – Leslee Hoad-Mara”

“Campaign Nationally & Internationally to get rid of plastics. Starting with single use plastic. The pollution in our oceans is horrific. Note Plastic Free July in Western Australia. Note: Single use plastic is doing much worse damage than containers.”

“Ensure food security by keeping Australian farming land in Australian hands Ensure that infrastructure is constantly kept maintained and improved Invest in schools and hospitals to provide adequately for students and patients RM”

“Rooftop solar needs to be more affordable to those on low incomes. I just can’t afford to do it without borrowing money and paying interest. TB”

“And so much more can be done in the realm of renewable energy research, development and deployment. The whole issue of climate change needs to become the most urgent of mainstream issues! Now! The solutions will benefit all Australia.”

“That the media are required to be more responsible in how they portray climate change, ie the news ltd papers have convinced many that ACC is still a theory open to debate. Hence a lot of the lack of concern in our country compared to others.”

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We would still love to hear what you have to say, join in the conversation with your own comments or policy suggestions.

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