The 10 best things to do with stale bread

by Bronte Hogarth

Stale bread is a given in most households; even the most conscious-of-waste foodies will occasionally find themselves taking a dry loaf of bread from the cupboard, or some stale rolls hiding in the very back of the bread-box.

Food is one of the biggest areas people can easily make a difference in their lives becoming more sustainable by not wasting food with just a little thought and creativity!

Here our favrouite 10 tips to use up stale bread
  1. Feed the plants: Dry stale bread in the oven, and then grind in the blender, creating fine bread crumbs. Simply mix with your potting soil or rake into your garden. The crumbs will add nutrients and moisture to your happy plants. Also throw a banana in to help your garden grow. ed0a8a316ec6ece8c6eb298c426b4b79
  2. Cut the grease: Soak up the layer of fat on your soup by placing a stale bread on top. Let it float for a few seconds and soak up that unwanted grease, and then remove. This works for gravies and sauces, too.
  3. Keep greens fresh: Place stale bread at the bottom of your vegetable drawer in the fridge to help absorb moisture and keep greens fresh. The stale bread pulls in any moisture from your refrigerator, keeping your greens seriously crisp. Remove the bread after a day or two.
  4. Keep cookies crisp: Top freshly baked cookies with a square of stale bread to keep them perfectly chewy. The bread absorbs moisture while creating the perfect environment in your cookie jar for deliciously tender treats
  5. Bread pudding: Old bread can be turned into a delicious pudding that will be loved by many. Try our old fashioned bread pudding recipe.
  6. Breadcrumbs: Why pay for store-bought breadcrumbs when you can make twice as much for half the cost? Place cubes of day-old bread into a food processor and pulse until the bread has formed a sand-like consistency. Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet and toast in a 200°C oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
  7. Gourmet Croutons: Dice day-old bread into large cubes, and coat lightly with extra-virgin olive oil. Toast in a 200°C oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Got pets: Make Homemade dog treats by blending stale bread into crumbs, and then mix 1/2 cup with 2 cups whole wheat flour, 2/3 cup water, and 6 tablespoons oil. Mix and roll, cutting with a cookie cutter, and place on a lined baking tray. Place into a 180°C oven for 35 to 40 minutes.
  9. Freeze it: Pop stale bread in the freezer for use later wrapped in plastic or foil. It can stay in the freezer for up to three months, making it perfect for use in a recipe later.
  10. Refresh it: Crusty bread, rolls and buns which have become a little stale can be freshened by wrapping in foil and placing in a pre-heated oven at 250°C for 5-10 minutes. The bread should be left in the foil to cool down and eaten soon afterwards. When crusty bread has lost its crispness it can be placed uncovered in a hot oven for 5 minutes.a82dabf951c698c54b883829809a1001
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