Women in the world – Interview with Casey Camp-Horinek

Women in the world – IWECI Summit delegate series

Featuring the 100 women attending the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit along with Natalie Isaacs, 1MW CEO and Founder, in New York from September 20-23.

Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca) is a long-time Native rights activist, environmentalist, and actress.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ponca, Matriarch, Blessed!


Tell us a little about the work you do and what you are doing at present?

Grassroots Environmental Justice – My people, the Ponca, and all Red Nation People have been the victims of a holocaust, and now as we begin to recover, we are victims of Environmental Genocide. I have worked for many years to bring about awareness within my own people, and to remind the world that we survived the first attempt at annihilation, and we will protect our Mother the Earth and survive this as well. I am specifically working on the tar sands issue, and more specifically am collaborating with other grassroots organizations to fight Keystone XL as It will directly impact the lands of my ancestors, and the land that the Ponca currently reside upon.

What inspires you?

My ancestors and their survival story. The struggle of my Grandmothers and my Mother and how they lend me the strength to now struggle for my children and grandchildren so that they will be blessed by the bounty of Mother Earth. I am in awe of my children and grandchildren, and what individual affect they each have on the web of life, and our ties to this Earth.


What are you most looking forward to about the 100 Women and Earth Climate Summit?

The collaboration.  The gathering of like minded individual all dedicated to bringing about a way to heal our Mother Earth.  And to not only heal her, but to protect her, and educate society so that the next Seven Generations to come will be born with the respect, and the knowledge to safe guard her. 

Do you have a message or a tip for our 1 Million Women community about how to live with the least impact on the planet?

Red Nations people, Ponca People, are taught that we are part of the Earth and she is a part of us.  How we treat her is how we treat our minds, bodies, and spirits.  So pray for her, respect her, and empower her – in this way you pray, respect and empower yourself.

  • 250_caseyA bit more: As traditional Drumkeeper for the Ponca Pa-tha-ta, Woman’s Scalp Dance Society, Camp-Horinek helps maintain the cultural identity of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma for herself, her family, and her community. She has been at the forefront of grassroots community efforts to educate and empower both Native and non-Native community members on environmental and civil rights issues. She plays the role of Irene in Barking Water (d. Sterlin Harjo), which in 2009 premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was selected for New Directors/New Films festival in New York.
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