Our favourite upcycling projects of the week

By Bronte Hogarth

Why are upcycling and reusing important?

Nothing that can be recycled should be going into landfill. By recycling, reusing and upcycling we can save an estimated 17kg per month (200kg per year) of C02 a month. Recycle everything you can. Anything made from metal, wood, most plastics, paper and cardboard, and electronic e-waste are all likely to have a recycling option.

We have searched the web for easy DIY’s and upcycling projects to save you time and energy, that you can invest into you new project. Check out our 3 favourite projects for this week!

1. Classic Drawer Bulletin Board

Use one of the drawers from an old cupboard or drawer and turn it into an eye catching bulletin board for a family space or in your bedroom. See it on Better Homes and Garden.


2.Hand Stamped Cloth Napkins

A really easy way to turn plain cloth napkins into beautiful decorative ones with a personal touch. See it on A Beautiful Mess.


3. Glowing Jar Night Lights

These glowing jars are prefect for your kids bedroom to add a little light in the night, even they have been featured at weddings and other events. See it on From Panka With Love.

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