1MW Guide to Sustainable Fabrics – SOY

Susta-Style by Bronte Hogarth

We know it can be difficult to understand exactly what sustainable fashion means, and the material your clothing is made from plays a BIG role in it’s environmental impact! The Susta-Style 1MW Guide to Sustainable Fabrics series will look at the most sustainable materials in use today, and also the fabric innovations that lie ahead for the future.

Soy is our sustainable fabric this week.

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The Soy protein which fabric is made from is a byproduct of Soy food production waste such as the surpluses of tofu or soy oil. Soy is soft and easy to care, not as strong as cotton or hemp, but doesn’t need chemicals to grow effectively.

  • It is biodegradable and will decompose easily if it wears out.
  • Made using the byproducts of the Soybean industry so nothing gets wasted.
  • Absorbs dyes quickly, requiring less dye-stuffs.
What to watch out for:

Soy fabrics vary in being organically or ecologically cultivated, you need to check the label of what you are buying to make sure. Another issue is most soybeans being used in Soy fabric production are genetically modified, being imported by large Soy producers like China from countries like the U.S where 91% of Soy is genetically modified. The best bet is to look for organic Soy clothing, which can be harder to come by but is definitely on the rise.

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