1 Million Women at the IWECI Summit – Day 1

by Bronte Hogarth 

Live daily updates from the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit (IWECI) in New York (September 20-23, 2013). Natalie Isaacs, 1MW CEO and Founder is here at the 3-day summit along with 100 woman delegates from all the world to help form a women’s agenda on climate change action.

WOW. What an incredible first day at the IWECI Summit. It started with networking where Natalie Isaacs, 1MW CEO and Founder, got to meet some incredible women like the inspiring Dr. Jane Goodall, Kelly Rigg from Tck Tck Tck, the women from Solar Sisters and many more.

What is the big message we can take away from tonight?

That women can change the world.

Highlights from today include the insightful conversation starter between Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Vandana Shiva. The importance of empowering youth with hope in the face of climate change emerged from this conversation as an underlying message of the night. As Dr. Vandana Shiva said, we need to “save the seeds of freedom to cultivate the gardens of hope.”

We also loved Goodall’s story about how she first became involved with animals and the environment…“I read Tarzan of the apes when I was 10 years old and fell in love. I thought Tarzan had married the wrong Jane.”

Here are some other powerful messages from tonight’s conversation…

“It’s time to recognize the MILLIONS of solutions [to climate change]. There is not just one thing we can do. Single solution worry, we should put it behind us.” Dr. Vandana Shiva

“The heart of this [Summit] is our love, for humanity and future generations” Sally Ranney

“We need young people to be better stewards of the land than we have been.” Dr. Jane Goodall

“It is necessary we all connect back to Pachamama – mother earth” Carmen Capriles

The closing statement of the night was extremely powerful and shaping for the rest of the summit. We are women…

“Returning to our roots, restoring democracy and unleashing empathy.” Amy Goodman

Looking forward to another action packed day tomorrow. More updates coming soon. Thanks a million.

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