1 Million Women at the IWECI Summit – Day 2 – Sep 21

by Bronte Hogarth

Live daily updates from the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit (IWECI) in New York (September 20-23, 2013). Natalie Isaacs, 1MW CEO and Founder is here at the 3-day summit along with 100 woman delegates from all the world to help form a women’s agenda on climate change action.

Day Two (Sep 21) of the IWECI Summit was all about hearing the “voices of our sisters all over the world.”

We kicked of the day with what we know…

  1. That our entire planet is warming
  2. It’s happening right now
  3. 97% of climate scientists agree humans are the cause
  4. This is why we’re all here at this gathering, because the time for action is now

There were incredible and varied discussions throughout the day from fresh water and oceans, to our food and farmers, our forests, fossil fuel resistance campaigns and clean energies for the future.

The voice of women from the forests was a strong issue, especially in those areas where deforestation is happening to produce fossil fuels.


Mayalu Waura Txucarramae, Maira Irigaray, Dr, Swati Shresth and Neema Namadamu. Plenary: Voices from the forests.

Neema Namadamu brought attention to the Congo, the second largest forest after the Amazon, and stressed the mindless misuse happening of its minerals. 26 year old Mayalu Waura Txucarramae from Xingu, Brazil spoke of the Amazon where she lives and the 19 law suits against the Belo Monte Dam, which will devastate the Xingu river, yet the voice of Indigenous Brazilians and activist groups are still not being heard.

Atossa Soltani from Amazon Watch raised a poignant question; why are we destroying our rainforests to get oil and create energy? These are people’s homes and the most biodiverse regions of our earth! She stressed we need a complete shift in how we generate energy and more support for the right to land of Indigenous peoples.

Another big issue of the day linking with fossil fuel resistance was tar sands threatening the Boreal forest in Canada which is being deforested for oil. We heard from Melina Laboucan – Massimo who is a Lubicon Cree from Northern Alberta. Oil developments on Lubicon lands have been taking place without consent by the Lubicon people. The amount of oil wells, which are bigger than entire cities, are causing incredible destruction to the land and water of the territory such as huge toxic sludge lakes that are leaking into the watershed everyday. Canadian Tzeporah Berman made a resounding comment that “Oil corrodes. Big oil is corroding our pipelines, our environment and our democracy!”


Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Atossa Soltani, May Boeve and Tzeporah Berman. Plenary: Our bodies on the frontlines: Fossil fuel resistance campaigns.

These discussions highlighted the need for more action and awareness on the ground, not waiting for governments, but putting the pressure on governments and politicians to act.

During the night session we heard 7 minute presentations of projects, ideas and campaigns from around the world. It was very inspiring to see the amazing change women are leading on climate change. Nat, 1 Million Women Founder was incredibly excited to present 1 Million Women to the international room

International Women's Earth and Climate Summit

Here are some more powerful messages from Day Two…

On food our farmers:

“There are twenty corporations trying to control the worlds food (seeds, production, trade) & influencing laws” Dr. Vandana Shiva, India

“More and more young women are becoming farmers and practicing ecological agriculture….We are rebuilding the food system” Colleen Ross, Canada

Our water and oceans:

“Tragedy of commons is acute in Water” Dr. Naoko Ishii, Japan

“When I was a girl, we were taught water is not a commodity, it is our relative. We have forgotten our relationship with water” Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca/USA

Clean energy future:

“¼ of the worlds population doesn’t have access to light and electricity as we have it” Katherine Lucey, USA/Kenya

“Renewable energy is leading to a great democratization…they are disruptive models to the old systems and they empower people, especially women” Angelina Galiteva, USA

Keep up to date with the live action at the IWECI Summit, Sep 20-23, 2013.

More updates coming soon. Thanks a million.

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