Our favourite quotes – IWECI Summit highlights

by Bronte Hogarth 

100+ women from around the world gathered in New York for three days of dialogue and deliberation at the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit. Natalie Isaacs, 1MW CEO and Founder, was one of them.

Our favourite quotes….From incredibly diverse, inspiring, intelligent and ferocious women!

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100+ women at the IWECI Summit New York

“It’s time to recognize the MILLIONS of solutions [to climate change]. There is not just one thing we can do. Single solution worry, we should put it behind us.” Dr. Vandana Shiva, India

“We need young people to be better stewards of the land than we have been.” Dr. Jane Goodall, UK/USA

“It is necessary we all connect back to Pachamama – mother earth” Carmen Capriles, Bolivia

“We can change the world through a women’s economy!.” Natalie Isaacs, Australia

“Justice starts with the injustice that the least responsible are the worst effected.” Mary Robinson, Ireland

“We need to paint a picture of tomorrow being better.” Rachel Kyte, USA/UK

“there is a sleeping giant on climate which needs to be woken up. Women have lead movements before but the movement as a whole has not taken this as the battle of the century that it is”. Christina Figueres, Costa Rica


Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Jane Goodall

On food & our farmers:

“There are twenty corporations trying to control the worlds food (seeds, production, trade) & influencing laws” Dr. Vandana Shiva, India

“More and more young women are becoming farmers and practicing ecological agriculture….We are rebuilding the food system” Colleen Ross, Canada

Our water and oceans:

“The biggest problem we face, not just about the ocean but many things is ignorance!” Dr. Sylvia Earle, USA

“When I was a girl, we were taught water is not a commodity, it is our relative. We have forgotten our relationship with water” Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca/USA


Casey Camp-Horinek

Clean energy future:

“Oil corrodes. Big oil is corroding our pipelines, our environment and our democracy!” Tzeporah Berman, Canada

“Renewable energy is leading to a great democratization…they are disruptive models to the old systems and they empower people, especially women” Angelina Galiteva, USA

The rights of nature:

“Nature or pachamama has the right to exist, and maintain its natural cycles” Natalia Greene, Ecuador

“Climate change is real and being experienced by indigenous peoples in their territories… If we don’t put our bodies on the frontline to defend these territories there would be none left” Patricia Gualinga Montalvo, Sarayaku/Ecuador


Patricia Gualinga Montalvo

Climate financing:

“If the money is not getting to the women on the ground then it is not climate financing” Noelene Nabulivou, Fiji

“95% of climate funding around the world goes to mitigation and only 5% to adaptation.” Linda Schalatek, Germany/USA


Noelene Nabulivou and Linda Schalatek

and finally from the summit organisers themselves:

“we want a new narrative. As women we have something to add to the climate dialogue.” Osprey Orielle Lake, Co-Founder of the IWECI.

“Women are gathering in great numbers with an unstoppable resolve, because what’s happening at the international policy level on climate change is not equivalent to the urgency we are facing. We are putting the world on notice: no more delays. ” Sally A. Ranney, Co-Founder of the IWECI.


Sally and Osprey, Co-founders of the IWECI

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