Our favourite DIY fashion projects of the week

by Bronte Hogarth

DID YOU KNOW: Australians collectively spend over $12 billion a year on more than a billion fashion items, but discarded clothing makes up 4-5% of waste going into our landfills!

Nothing that can be recycled or upcycled should be going into landfill! By recycling, reusing and upcycling through DIY projects we can save an estimated 17kg per month (200kg per year) of C02 a month.

We have searched the web for easy Fashion DIY’s and upcycling projects for you.

Clothing: DIY Ombre denim jeans

Give a pair of jeans a colour burst with this ombre DIY project. Make them a statement piece of your wardrobe rather than a tired pair of pants sitting on the shelf never being worn. See it at Stripes and Sequins.


Jewelry: Upcycled chunky button rings

Do you have lots of old buttons lying around at home? or passed down to you from your Nana? Turn them into these fashionable chunky rings. Every one is unique. See it at Glitter & Glue.


Accessories: DIY Saddle shoes

Turn a pair of plain white boat shoes into look-a-like Saddle shoes. Super easy and a great project to do with kids. See it on DIY Real.

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