Wendy Machin – Woman of the moment

This month 1 Million Women is focused on driving more sustainably, which is why we’re excited to introduce Wendy Machin as our DRIVE ‘Woman of the moment’.

Wendy is the President of NRMA Motoring & Services, a mother of three children, and a 1 Million Women ambassador. We asked her some questions to get a little bit of insight into her life…

wMachin_DSC3879_CC_GHR1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Positive.  Passionate.  Occasionally fiery.

2. What are you doing at the present?

I am on several Boards.  The largest is NRMA Motoring and Services and I am President/Chair.  I am also on the Boards of Destination NSW, the National Occupational Licensing Authority and an Advisory Committee for ANZ Stadium.  So my work is a combination of advocacy for better roads, cars, drivers and transport solutions, as well as NSW tourism and changing how we work around Australia.

One key project the NRMA is currently working on is fuel security. This is because 85 per cent of Australia’s transport fuel comes from overseas crude oil or imported fuel. The NRMA is calling for a national fuel security plan to reduce our dependence on overseas fuel supplies, develop and use sustainable non-oil based alternatives, such as biofuels, LPG and electric vehicles.

IMG_4454b3. What inspires you?

People inspire me.  My children especially – it is such a privilege to see them grow from little people into young adults with their own opinions and aspirations.  I love people – their passions and ideas.  I am always in awe of great talent, no matter what the field.

 4. Is there an experience or time that has truly changed the way you live?

There is no doubt motherhood changes you forever. Having children gives you a whole different perspective on living and how you live.  Their future is in your hands and I think we all need to ensure that the world they inherit from us is a better place.  By definition it has to be sustainable.

_MG_0317b5. Do you have a message or a tip for the 1 Million Women community about how to live by the principle that ‘less equals more?

We all think we want more.  But as we get older we realise that it is the simple things that count and we really can do more with less.  Women are often the backbone of the family and influence key purchasing and lifestyle decisions.  We can and should set examples for the next generation about how we live and what our impact is on the world around us.399321_524006030967740_757741309_n


  • A bit more about Wendy – Wendy Machin was recently re-elected as the President of NRMA Motoring & Services on 12 December 2011. Having been appointed to the Board on 30 March 2005, Wendy was first elected as President on 10 December 2008. This is her second term as President. She is Chair of the Governance, Compensation & Nomination Committee, an ex-officio member of the Finance & Investments Committee, the Audit, Risk Management & Compliance Committee and the Policy & Advocacy Committee. She is also a Director on the Board of the Australian Automobile Association & Destination NSW.
  • A bit more about ‘Woman of the moment’Woman of the moment is a new section on the 1 Million Women Blog. We will be featuring ambassadors from our campaign with you, their stories, and why they inspire us.

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